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MBLAQ + JTuneCamp + A+ = Happy and United Family. I’m proud to be a part of this family. Really proud. ♥

My family: MBLAQ and A +.

On July 22, 2012, in the concert BLAQ% ASIA TOUR in Seoul … The JTuneCamp next to the A + decided to make a surprise for MBLAQ.

What was that surprise? In the middle of the penultimate song of the concert “You’re my +” decided to cut all music including video playback on the screen. MBLAQ members, concerned, were giving messages to the A + that everything would be fast but they did not expect is that this video http://youtu.be/lNeh6Mqdv38 starts to play on big screen.

Confused, MBLAQ began to wonder what it was and as they approached the screen from the center, all the fans, A +, began throwing paper airplanes with multiple messages in them, making a beautiful gateway of planes flying around, of different colors.

The video was produced between the A + and JTuneCamp, in honor and appreciation to MBLAQ, and in the middle of the video, began to play again, “You’re my +” next to the public of A + singing the song with chorus members MBLAQ, which, Mir, one of them, could not contain himself and began to mourn for the excitement, captivated by the message that all fans had dedicated to them.

Really, KA + JTuneCamp, A + who collaborated on the project … Thank you. Thank you for making this precious gift to a group that has won the hearts of many people and strives every day to excel and reach higher and higher.

Thanks, I really feel proud to belong to this family, a family full of friendship, acceptance, kindness, unity, strength, honesty, and above all with love … I am VERY proud to be an A + and belong to this family.

JTuneCamp + MBLAQ + A + = A united family forever ♥

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